Postpartum is a time to heal, rest, and soak in the love and wonder of your new baby.
Let's make that happen. 

Postpartum Support

  • A safe, and non-judgmental ear for you to share your honest feelings of birth and postpartum experience. Allowing the space and time for you to process your unique experience
  • Check in on physical, mental, and emotional recovery
  • Provide support, education, and resources for your questions and concerns
  • Nourishing meal preparation and nutrition to support postpartum recovery
  • Household tasks such as tidying, dishes, laundry, light organizing.
  • Newborn care to allow you time to rest
  • Company during lonely late night nursing sessions

here's what I typically provide:

Curious what postpartum support looks like?

Rates for in-home overnight support start at $60/hour.

Support includes:
  • Household tasks and meal prep
  • Educational and emotional support
  • Company during late night nursing 
  • Check-ins on physical recovery, mental and emotional health

In-home Overnight Support

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Postpartum Support Packages

Customized packages include:
  • 1-2 hour check in via Zoom weekly
  • Unlimited text and email support for first year of baby's life
  • Access to printable postpartum planning guide and other online resources

Virtual Support 24/7

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A one-time visit. Perfect for the family who is looking for support on a smaller scale or unable to commit to a larger package.

  • One-time day or night support at $60 per hour.
  • 5 hour minimum for day (8 hour minimum for overnight)
  • Includes all of the support provided in other packages.
  • This option is also great for pre-birth planning, nursery set-up, registry planning or any other birth or postpartum needs!

Doula for a Day

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